Use Art Money Premium at A Secondary Eye

Enjoy now, pay over time, fixed monthly fee

It is because of Art Money that we were able to first of all bid and then secure the works at prices we didn't think possible.

It allows me to budget even when 

I'm procuring a more significant piece.

The Arthur & Suzie Roe Collection


Tech Professional, Collector

What is Art Money Premium?

Art Money Premium gives you the choice of paying a flat monthly fee (up to 10% of invoice price) to pay over time. 

It differs from Art Money Credit which is interest free for buyers as the commission is paid by the seller. In some circumstances (eg auctions or negotiated prices) our partners may be not be able to pay the commission to make it interest free for you. 

With Art Money Premium we pay the seller in full immediately and you take your art to enjoy now and pay over time. Win win.


How Art Money Premium works


First, apply

then, Art Money it

Apply for Art Money, from $500 to $100,000 and get approved in minutes.

1. Find an artwork you love from
A Secondary Eye.

2. Confirm your purchase with the seller and email Art Money your invoice & artwork image.

3. Accept our Premium offer online and the artwork is yours!

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